Ongoing activities

JUNE 2012 - The activities of the Network will continue with a project on Women creativity to work and preservation of biodiversity and cultural diversity. The main objective is to stop the mass migration of many people (especially men and teenagers), who leave their communities looking for a job in the metropolitan suburbs. Visit the partner's page to now more about us and what we do.

Who we are

14 partners, local authorities, Italian and Asian NGOs, training centers... all working together to achieve better job opportunities for the young people in Asia.

What we do

We work to improve the understanding attitude of trainers about opinions and expectations of students/trainees, working on topics as personal development and work satisfaction and to design better tools and practices for job placement of the students/trainees after have attended the training courses through organization of international exchange seminars, development of new training courses and the testing of these. We also work with small and medium enterprises of women to support their development and their entrepreneurial skills

Where we work

We work as an exchange network among Italy and seven South Asian countries: India, China, Tibet, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. We share activities, experiences, knowledge and, above all, the same objective for a better world.